KurianI’m Fr. Kurian Kollapallil MSFS. I’m your new parochial vicar.   Let me begin by thanking Fr. Jim and Bob for the amazing work that they have done for this parish community. Fr. Chas and I would like to carry on and build upon their efforts in establishing God’s Kingdom here in Jackson. I also thank the staff and all of you for the warm welcome accorded to us.


Here’s some quick information about me:  I was born in India, Kerala in May 1969, grew up in Kerala, and joined the seminary after High school. I have three brothers and two sisters. My mom is alive, dad passed away five years ago. I am a member of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales. After the College, I had a decisive intervention of God in my life as I decided to go to Africa, Tanzania. After six months of experience in Tanzania, I decided to attend theology there and completed it in 1997 and was ordained priest in April.  My first appointment was in Kenya and in 2000, I moved back to Tanzania. I am well versed in Swahili and Kimeru languages besides my mother tongue. In 2000, I began to gather the street children of Tabora and started “Foster” Children’s home which has 120 inmates and a school with 900 students now.  2004- 2006 I specialized in Social work and acquired Post graduate degrees in Social work and Personnel Management.  In 2006 September, I was assigned to St. Joseph’s Church in Howell MI, 2011 to St. John’s Fenton, and now to St. John’s in Jackson.  I like to read and write, and I have authored and published two books namely “In His Outstretched Arms” and “Through the Year with St. Francis de Sales.” I hold a doctoral degree in Biblical studies (DBS).


You can call me Fr. Kurian or Fr. K. Please feel free to approach me anytime in the office; I am here at your service. I am very open to sharing meals with members of the parish community, and I look forward to such invitations and opportunities as my schedule permits.  I have the Asian-African and American food habits. I do not know how to make a pie or bread but if you bring one I would appreciate it very much.


The readings of this fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary time invite us to reflect on peace and consolation through the Word of God. His word reveals to us and shows us that God is all powerful and mighty and yet is always accessible. He is the God who is our creator and all surpassing, yet approaches us on intimate personal terms. Those who come to him will find relief from the many hardships and burdens of life. With Jesus close to us these burdens are not heavy. We come to know God by knowing Jesus. This revelation frees us from the burdensome yoke of trying to put ourselves right with God by our own efforts. Instead, Jesus offers us his yoke – an invitation to accept the message of God he offers and the forgiveness and new life that comes with that message and that will give us rest and peace.