Alpha is 5 evenings of growing with the Lord and building friendships with a dinner, video, discussion format…It’s a great way to Grow+Go! Anyone can attend Alpha, as it provides the opportunity to grow in your own faith AND to go invite and accompany others in a closer relationship with Christ. We cover topics like “Who is Jesus?” and “Why and How Should I Pray?”


The Alpha program has been described this way by Fr. Mike Schmitz, “Alpha is one of the best things happening in the Church today!” Pray and consider signing up!  Ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance about whom you might extend an invitation.


You can Grow your own faith by refreshing in the basics…here’s what two of our recent participants had to say:


~“Alpha has been a very nice refresher course reminding me of the basics of my faith.”

~”Alpha helped rekindle a relationship with God.  (It) made me feel better about where I am in life.”


You can Go (accompany others/evangelize) by inviting others to Alpha and accompanying them to the course!  You never know the effect it may have:


~”This course has for sure made an impact and even though I feel I have a lot of learning today still–I have a fresh starting point and initiative to do so.”


For further information, please contact Shayne by email ( or by phone (784-0553) to speak with her about opportunities to participate in or help with this upcoming round of Alpha.