Dear Parish Family,Fr. Chas

Christmas is coming!  For many, that will entail getting the extended family together.  I encourage you to be sure and invite them to your spiritual home of St. John as well.  This is the time of year when nominal Catholics, non-Catholics, and even the non-Christian are most open to going to church.  
For some of them, they may hesitate about going alone and are just waiting for an invitation.  For others, they may be somewhat indifferent throughout the rest of the year, but the Christmas spirit has them just curious enough that they would come if a friend or family member invited them.  And still others unfortunately could care less, but at least you have extended the invitation as God would have us do.  Wherever your family members and friends may fall, be that inviting voice of Christ: “We’ll be going to the ______ Christmas Mass at St. John.  Would you like to come with us?”

As for being the hospitable host at Christmas Mass itself, please keep an eye for
newcomers.  You are Christ’s and our parish’s representative to them!  In the rush of preparing at home, we risk not being a proper host for guests coming to our spiritual home where Jesus still humbly comes to us as he did at Bethlehem.  Here are just a few
Even if you are unsure if whether they are parishioners or guests, a smile and a “Merry Christmas” greeting in passing won’t hurt anyone.  

•Especially to you healthy gentlemen, if all the pews are full and you see the elderly or
women standing, please offer them your seat.  

•Be kind and patient particularly as you exit the church and the parking lots.

•Afterwards, ask your personal guests what they thought and if they have any questions.  If they want to know more about Catholicism, let Todd Gale, our Director of Faith Formation, know of them and invite them to our Wednesday faith formation evenings.

May visitors encounter Christ in us and not Scrooge when they come through our doors!  If you would like to help as a hospitality helper for any of the Christmas Masses, please call or email Jeromy (  This would entail welcoming and holding the door for folks as they come in and handing out bulletins and wishing them a
merry Christmas at the end.  Let us spread the Christmas cheer that Christ is born!    
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Chas