Our Tuesday Bible study continues to grow as we wrap up a year-long walk through the Gospel of St. Luke and begin the Book of Acts. The Acts of the Apostles is the sequel letter St. Luke, the doctor, wrote to follow-up his Gospel. We will walk slowly through this beautiful and important text, sentence-by-sentence. We’ll take some time to discuss the original Greek language, the historical events, some character studies, and the implications this Word has on our own lives. We’ll also begin each session with prayers from the Psalms (a study of Psalms AND a study of Acts? It’s a twofer!!)!

One of our long term participants, Jane Januszewski recently sent this great testimony to Fr. Chas. In Jane’s own words:

“I have taken Todd Gale’s Tuesday Bible class for 2 yrs now. The class study has opened my eyes to the scripture like I never thought. Todd has introduced the authors of the bible, history of the time, customs, language translations and their parallel to our faith practice. Reading the bible by myself never gave me the excitement and understanding this class has.

“I learned in Song of Songs that “God does not love a future of me but loves me now” and I know God loved me before I existed and even when I resisted. I have a notebook full that I review to help me along my journey. We all get stuck in a way of thinking and this class has opened my eyes and excited me to learn more.

“Any class offered at St. John’s that works into your schedule is worth the time to try. Never did I think I would become an eager student in a “Bible Class” but I am. We meet every Tuesday at 1PM .”