Fr. ChasDear Parish Family,

As I write this bulletin article, we are preparing for the big Diocesan Assembly, “Called By Name,” in which about 50 of our parishioners will have participated this weekend! If it was anything like the first Diocesan Assembly two years ago, it was a real shot in the arm for the parishes throughout the diocese. Maybe you have experienced how, in the last two years, our own parish has striven more purposefully to reach out and provide ways by which people can be introduced and formed in the Catholic faith. This Diocesan Assembly builds upon that by engaging and equipping our parishioners in the pews with practical “how-to” help on reaching out to the people around them.

We would like to have all practicing Catholics in our parish involved with this great initiative to “bring back the lost sheep,” that is, to reach out specifically to fallen away Catholics and those who may have been baptized Catholics, but never really practiced the faith, had a real encounter with the person of Jesus Christ, or made the intentional decision to follow him as his disciple. You, as a member of the body of Christ, are in those persons’ life as Jesus’ instrument by which God desires to bring them to know him and to receive the healing and the help they need in their life. We sometimes forget about that calling, and that’s why we have the “My Evangelization Plan” brochure in the pews for people to fill out and take home.

Prayer and being a good example are essential, but at some point, a personal invitation is also needed. Perhaps it’s as simple as asking, “Have you ever thought about returning to the Church?” the next time someone asks for some advice about getting through a tough time or about what brings your life fulfillment and joy. If we truly believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, then why in the world would we not deeply desire everyone we know and care about to follow that Way, to know that Truth, and to have that abundant Life?

The New Pastoral Council
Congratulations to the following individuals who comprise the new Pastoral Council (in alphabetical order): 1) John Dullock, 2) Jack Fremeau, 3) Ray Gorczyca, 4) Matt Howe, 5) Betsy Howell, 6) Rob Lewis, 7) Mary Miskowski, 8) Julie Pienkos, 9) Phil Shaughnessy, 10) Shayne Slough, 11) Dana Snider, and 12) Barb Socie. Pictures will be in next week’s bulletin, so you can recognize them and bring parish concerns to their attention!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Chas