On the Topic of Evangelization

I remember being asked years ago, “Should we evangelize people who are already happy where they’re at?” If someone isn’t really struggling, hasn’t been suffering, doesn’t know grief, and seems to generally not fall into St. Paul’s category from Romans 7 of those who don’t do what they want to do and do do what … Continued

Faith Formation at St. John: An Annual Report

One of the primary tasks of a Catholic parish is the spiritual education and formation of all the parishioners. St. John and St. Joseph have a long history of providing religious education and Sacramental preparation to the Catholics of Jackson, and we are so proud to stand in that historical line of holy and talented … Continued

Vacation Bible School – 2019

Are the kids bored yet?  We’ve got the cure!  Join us for our annual Vacation Bible School next week, June 25-27, 9am-Noon, held at St. John Elementary!  We’ll have a great time learning how Jesus is the Living Water through crafts, songs, and more.  Registration is free, although free-will donations are always graciously accepted, and … Continued

How Do Our Souls Walk Toward God?

Join us for 5-part Lenten Series! Come for Stations of the Cross and walk in the footsteps of our Lord, then stay for a light meal and stories of faith. Dcn. Dave Etters will take us through different souls journeys as they grew ever deeper with the Lord and encountered His divine Mercy. As we … Continued

Continuing Education: Study

For many careers today, continuing education goes without saying.  Those in countless professions are expected to consistently learn more about their chosen career every year.  As technology advances, methodologies move ahead, and general understanding of the dynamics of a job increases, employers not only expect but mandate that their employees grow in knowledge.  And it’s … Continued