Happy Pentecost! The time, as it flies, brings us here to mark 50 days since our celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection.

This day completes the seven-week festival of Easter season and commemorates the promised sending of the
Holy Spirit upon the Church.

Everybody knows that Pentecost is the Sunday when we see red in church and hear again about tongues of fire that
landed on some people’s heads 2,000 years ago.

We can do better…Pentecost is not simply one day in human history. Pentecost is God’s response in every present
moment to the question you ask in your heart as to whether or not there is more.

We ask that question, everyone, always, knowingly or not. “More”, that mysterious treasure, is underneath everything
you search for, everything you live for, everything you hope for, every decision you make. You and I inevitably
respond to this thing, “more”, in one of two ways: we go to extraordinary lengths to find it, or we quietly resign ourselves
to the silent misery that, “alas, this is all there is”.

God says on Pentecost, “Let me tell you about more, let me show you what more looks like.” If the first Pentecost is
any indication, “more” is a pretty fiery event in our hearts. Sometimes, like on that first Pentecost, more looks like
your head is actually on fire. But it also reveals itself in prayer which is on fire, expectation of God which is on fire,
trust in God which is on fire, and silent resignation which is consumed by fire.

“More” is the power of supernatural life that raises up hearts to the heights. If you want more, and you do, then Pentecost
is right up your alley.