Dear Fellow Parishioners,

I’m writing to you to explain a vision I had last month…my “Witness to Hope” vision. This vision truly happened, and hopefully it was the Holy Spirit working in me. It is definitely not as complicated as St. John’s visions in the Book of Revelation, so I trust you can follow along. Here goes:

Yes, John Dullock is now dead. I’m hoping for some awws right now. I am kind of disappointed that I didn’t see more of you at my funeral, but that’s ok. I made it to heaven! Woo-hoo! I’m not quite sure how long it took me to get there. I was in some sort of time warp. I really wish this vision could have cleared up that whole purgatory confusion for me, but it didn’t. Anyway, I’m in heaven, and that’s really good news.

I was just hanging out in heaven having another peaceful day, reflecting on everything good that happened in my life. Basically, I was counting my blessings.
Marrying my beautiful and loving wife, Jill
Getting a good education from Lumen Christi and Spring Arbor University and playing sports
Coaching hockey for my sons with four straight city championships, coaching baseball and basketball for them, and watching them experience the camaraderie
Those great Polish festival parties at St. Joe’s (thank the Lord I made it home ok!)
Great parents and family, great friends, and a successful career so far that lets me enjoy family time, a beautiful home on Pleasant Lake, all those lake parties, and some memorable vacations
There were so many blessings that I couldn’t possibly write them all down here. I was just reflecting in heaven!

Then Jesus showed up and kind of floated over to me. I said, “What’s up, Jesus?” Jesus replied, “John, let’s go for a float. I’ve been listening to all your reflections (on your blessings).” I said, “Jesus, I lived a blessed life and worked very hard with the gifts you gave me.” Jesus said, “Yes John, I’m very proud of you.”

So Jesus and I continued on our float, and we were gazing down at the earth. I saw the current state of things on earth.
My kids were all married with loving wives and successful careers. I had some grandkids. One of them was named John. And Jill finally got her princess to spoil.
My wife was remarried and very happy. I wasn’t sure I appreciated that new husband very much, but she was happy, so I was happy.
And so on and so forth. We just floated about, and it was a blast.

I said to Jesus, “Let’s go over and check out my church.” So we floated on over to St. John’s. It was in shambles! It was all dilapidated and run down. Shingles were hanging off the roof. The parish center looked abandoned. There were fewer than a hundred parishioners, and it looked like about 20 of them were attending Mass.

I then glanced up the hill at St. Joe’s. The dome of the church was completely caved in. It had been closed for a long time. St. John School was closed also. There was some sort of factory occupying the entire space. It was not a pretty sight!

I said to Jesus, “How could they let this happen to my church? This was my family’s church. I knew those priests and church staff could have worked harder! Those darn parish representatives could have done better at evangelizing! The darned groundskeepers, church cleaners, faith formation groups, all those ministry people, they could have worked harder! And those cheap people who gave very little to the offertory, why didn’t they do more?!”

Jesus said to me, “John, you just told me how successful you were, yet you never mentioned your church! How blessed you were, yet you never mentioned your church! Why do you blame everyone else?” Jesus finished with:



John Dullock
Pastoral Council President

More information on our parish capital campaign can be found at: St. John – Witness to Hope Campaign.

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