Often we have people trying to squeeze the evening RCIA classes into their busy life schedules, and it just doesn’t fit. Or we have folks who want to attend some of our Adult Education and Faith Formation opportunities, but they don’t like being out so late in the dark. Fr. Chas had another brilliant idea: what if we could offer a class right after the parent drop-off time in the St. John School? Maybe some of our parents could attend, maybe a few grandparents, maybe our Parish Reps? It would be a chance to showcase our wonderful school to the parish! Principal Kristi Blair is very open to hosting us.

We plan to begin CATECHISM OVER COFFEE after the Christmas break in January on Thursdays. We are thinking 8:30 to 10:00am, with coffee and light breakfast treats. We will do a five week Alpha Course, then some Basics of the Catholic Faith (as we do with Catholicism 101 on Wednesday night). We want to know there would be SOME response to make this a reality. Would you be interested? Would you bring someone else? Would this fit better into your schedule? Please let Todd know! todd@stjohnjackson.org

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