Encounter debut


For many months we have been trying to find the right time to launch an occasional praise and prayer evening. Many of us came to Catholicism by way of other Christian traditions that focused on music, prayer and short teaching as the primary way “to worship.” Pentecostals and most evangelicals have music and intense prayer at the center of their “church experience.” Many of us were involved with or were impacted by the Charismatic renewal a few decades ago. So to some of us who are now Catholic, when we offer the Holy Spirit retreats for Alpha or the Pentecost Healing Service or the Adoration Holy Hours, it feels like a comfy pair of shoes! We fit right in and love it! Some of us have never experienced this kind of encounter; some find it very strange… while others love the experience and have asked for more.

That’s what happened with our last Alpha. The prayer time was so positive, so moving, and so Jesus-centered, the group asked for more. The Holy Spirit stirred up that NOW is the time to launch a monthly encounter with Jesus and the Holy Spirit through prayer, praise, music, intercession, healing prayers, and worship.

We plan to offer ENCOUNTER once a month, on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 6:00-8:00. Our first session will be held Sunday,  December 11 in the St. John Parish Center. The Youth Group will join in with us. Everyone is welcomed!

We are looking to put together a Praise Band to lead our praise music live, but for the first sessions we will use “music videos” and just sing songs the attendees know without accompaniment!  We will form a large group prayer circle to intercede, offer thanksgiving, praise and pray for needs of the people who attend.

Come and encounter the love of the Father through Jesus and the Holy Spirit!