confirm 2016


Each year the Jackson region comes together to celebrate this final sacrament of initiation into the Christian life with Bishop Boyea.  Please pray for these young people as they are sealed in the gift of the Holy Spirit on Sunday, October 16:



Brett Joseph Casto

Alayah Monica Markiewicz

Paige Lucy Cram

Abigail Cecilia Miles

Caleigh Francis Crandall

Claudia Cecilia Miller

Brady Sebastian Comschot

Jacob Michael Morgan

Taylor Taylor Durliat

Jessica Elizabeth Rose Morgan

Lindsey Michael Ford-Sykes

Andres Andrew Pastoriza

Colin Kazimieras Fremeau

Thomas Samuel Putman

Nolen Thomas Froedtert

Jackson Bruno Reese

Morgan Marie Hanchett

Matthew Matthew Saunders

Anya Veronica Hedrich

Scott Richard Schultz

Justin Nathaniel Jarosz

Catherine Luke Silvestri

Madelyn Rose Jones

Elizabeth Grace Spencer

Ellery Rose Keene

Gregory Mark Stechschulte

Carson Christopher Kelley

Allie Anne Sweeney

Marcus Aurelius Kostrzewa

Ethan Matthew Trochlil

Tyler Thomas Krul

Jordan David Vannest

Jameson Lucy LaPorte

Zachary Raymond Whitton