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Preparation Class

Date Change


Our regular Baptism Preparation Class takes place on the first Sunday of the month; however, due to the Independence Day holiday, July’s class has been rescheduled to the second week.  Therefore, Baptism class offered will be offered on Sunday, July 9, in St. John’s church, following the noon Mass.  This is open to any and all parishioners to attend and we invite you to participate!  Come and learn more about this beautiful sacrament, what it calls us to, and how we live it out daily – come be a witness to these young families about what your Baptism has meant to your life!

A preparation class is mandatory for families planning to have a child Baptized at St. John.  No reservation is needed to attend; come to Mass and stay for class!   Prior to attending this meeting you must visit FORMED.org (parish code: 0766a8), view the Baptism Trinity“Reborn” series, and complete the participant guides.

If you have any questions, please contact Angel at the parish office (angel@stjohnjackson.org or 784-0553).