ConfessionalConfession, Reconciliation, Penance

….whatever you call it, it means conversion and spiritual healing.


This week we welcome our second graders at both St. John Elementary and the St. John Religious Education program back into the loving arms of our Father in the beautiful sacrament of Reconciliation!  These young people have spent the past several months learning what it means to be forgiven in mercy and welcomed lovingly home by the Father.  They’ve worked on studying “how to do” confession, including learning an Act of Contrition prayer, but more importantly they’ve learned that nothing they do can separate them from God if only they ask for His forgiveness.


We invite everyone to come and celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation here at St. John on Saturdays, 3:00pm.  If you’ve been away from the sacrament for a while that’s okay!  It’s never too late to ask the Father’s forgiveness and to begin rebuilding that relationship.  You can check out this short video for a refresher: