On Sunday October 16 we will celebrate Confirmation with Bishop Boyea for the 2015-16 Candidates (current 9th graders). Confirmation 16-17 logoFor the 8th graders who will be confirmed NEXT year, 2017, We are beginning preparation! Letters are being sent this week to all the Candidates we have in our database! Our first large group meeting for candidates, parents and sponsors is Sunday, November 13 at 3:00 in the St. John Parish Community Room. 

Confirmation is the time when we confirm our Baptism and become “tuned in” to the Holy Spirit. The supernatural Gifts of the Spirit are sealed within us. 

Candidates need an ACTIVE adult Catholic to be their sponsor. In addition to religion class (whether through Lumen Christi Catholic School or our parish Religious Education) students will be required to attend a few parish gatherings, a retreat, begin regular involvement with Christian Service, complete a booklet of 40 Questions, be interviewed and regularly attend Mass. They will need to write a letter to the Bishop requesting Confirmation to begin the process!

To our Candidates: Confirmation is your adult move to say YES to Christ and YES to the Church, it needs to come from you. We will not force you into Confirmation. We invite you. You may respond or you may ignore. It is a step into your adult faith life, and so we will EXPECT a certain amount of adult responsibility.



We are looking forward to working with you this next year!