Religious Education Newsletter –October 16, 2016


Sunday October 16 is our regional Confirmation Mass with Bishop Earl Boyea! Please pray for our 36 candidates from St. John and about 130 in the whole region. Bishop loves combining the parishes for a regional Confirmation, so we met for several years in the field house at Lumen Christi, but with the new church at Our Lady of Fatima, we are able to squeeze everyone in there. Confirmation Mass begins at 2:00 at Our Lady of Fatima.

We have had several VERY POSITIVE COMMENTS from parents who have mentioned the terrific behavior of the students and the energy and enthusiasm of the catechist team! Yeay!




The 2016-17 Confirmation class (mostly 8th Graders this year) are now BEGINNING their preparation: Initial letters were mailed out. Our first large group meeting for NEXT YEAR’s candidates and their parents and sponsors is Sunday, November 13, 3:00-5:00 in the St. John Community Room.



10/16/2016       A-D

10/23/2016       E-H

10/30/2013       I-M

11/6/2016         N-R

11/13/2016       S-Z

MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP meets this Sunday at Biggby on E. Michigan Ave after the 5:00 Mass, 6:15-7:45. Students 6th grade through high school are welcomed. Bring some cash for a drink, and enjoy some time in public with other Catholic teens! For details, check out the Sunday bulletin or e-mail



THOU SHALL RESPECT PROPERTY. Students are expected to treat school and church property with respect.  Any student who intentionally or carelessly causes damage to property will be expected to compensate for the damage and may be removed from the class.

THOU SHALL RESPECT EACH OTHER. Students are expected to exhibit behavior appropriate to a Christian learning environment.  Parents will be notified if their student is disrespectful to other students or catechists/aides, unduly rowdy, refuses to participate in an appropriate manner, or otherwise disrupts class. Parents may be asked to be present at the next class if student behavior is consistently inappropriate. Expulsion is a possibility but not preferred!!