Who Will You Invite?

Our parish is now launching its 9th large group session of Alpha!  We started back in 2015, and in these past four years, many of you have taken part, helping out, enjoying the fellowship of the event, but more importantly learning more about Christ and, in doing so, drawing closer in relationship with Him. Initially, … Continued

Alpha is for Anyone, it’s a Great Way to Grow+Go!

Alpha is 5 evenings of growing with the Lord and building friendships with a dinner, video, discussion format…It’s a great way to Grow+Go! Anyone can attend Alpha, as it provides the opportunity to grow in your own faith AND to go invite and accompany others in a closer relationship with Christ. We cover topics like “Who … Continued

What happened at St. John’s this Week!

Alpha Alpha has been meeting for the past two weeks and our community is growing and learning more about the Lord. Along with the delicious Grand River Brewery meal, there was plenty of discussion as we dove deeper into who Jesus was and if He really lived. There are still open seats and one has … Continued

Pub Alpha Launch

Pub Alpha at Grand River Brewery kicked off to a great success. Every guest enjoyed delicious food, great company, and started to delve in to some of the most important questions that we will ever have to answer: “Does God exist?” “Why am I here?” “Is there more to this?” There’s still time to register … Continued

Join us for Alpha next week!

  Join us as we investigate life’s biggest questions. Register today to enjoy food, fun, and fellowship. Click here to register!